How to get to the national parks

How to get here

One of the biggest challenges facing the 15 members of the National Parks family is how to strike the balance between encouraging people to visit Britain’s breathing spaces and protecting those same places from the effects of too many visitors. Tourism not only helps to keep our unique communities vibrant but also helps to spread the word about the beauty and value of the National Parks. So, we want people to visit. But we want, too, to protect those places and things that people are coming to see.

Encouraging people to consider how they visit a National Park is one way of tackling the issue. The UK’s National Parks family works hard to promote sustainable travel, which most often means travelling without a car. Leaving your car behind not only results in less stress on important valuable landscapes, it also adds to the adventure and enjoyment of a place.

Recently, our partners at put together some rather extensive and useful guides for travelling each of the National Parks without a car. Choose the park you are interested in below: